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HR Vision
In Sokon, we make automobiles intelligent mobile partners for human beings.
We share the same commitment with the like-minded.

Talents in Sokon

Talents need to perform their mission with hard and smart work to reach remarkable career achievements.

Globalization of Sokon

Sokon Group has set up seven new-energy automobile subsidiaries in four countries.

Join Sokon
Not only do we build platforms for global talents, we also create favorable environment for their capabilities. We encourage diverse talents to give full play to their advantages on the basis of mutual respect, tolerance and learning.
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HR Headquarters
HR Project Director
Audit Headquarters
Audit Manager
Sales Department
Sales Assistant Manager
Sales Department
Market Management Assistant Manager
Advertising Department
Advertising Assistant Manager
CTO office
Technical Project Manager
Santa Clara,U.S.A.
Program Department
Program Manager
Santa Clara,U.S.A.
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