Tips for Getting Ahead in Event Photography

event photographyEvent photography is definitely one of the most diverse niches. You never know what you event you are going to end up covering and when. Sometimes, clients do not even book in advance and just call you out of the blues asking if you are available to shoot that very day. Who knows, it might be a birthday, a stock exchange event or a corporate shindig you are covering.

Another thing that will also always differ is the size of the party. It can be an intimate event or a large crowd. However, for the sake of ensuring that you put your best foot forward at all times, the following tips should come in handy:

  • Dress to Blend In

Rule number one for this type of photography is you need to always dress like you belong in the room. You do not want to stand out like a sore thumb this will take the attention from the purpose of the event and make it hard for you to carry out your task of picture taking. A good photographer is like a good sleuth. He or she blends in and carries out their appointed task without creating a clear ripple in the event. One way of achieving this is through your dressing. Remember that you are not dressing to impress or attract attention.

For example, if the event is black tie, we are no saying you should go all out in a tuxedo… If you can why not? But if you cannot, then a suit and dress pants should be just fine.

  • Take shots pre-event

The individual that hired you may not think as far as getting pictures of the venue before the start of the event but this does not mean they will not appreciate it all the same. Therefore, try to arrive at the venue early enough to give you enough time to get this done. Even if the event host does no appreciate it, the event planner certainly will as they can make use of it to sell their services to other clients and wat does this mean for you? Another reference secured.

  • Balance your shooting

The same way you have under shooting that is a situation where the photographer fails to capture all important moments of an event .. is the same way you have overshooting where the photographer does not know when to draw the line between important moments and not so important moments. As a photographer, you need to know when to use your intuitive skills for event photography. No one is going to be directing you to shoot you have to know how to decipher between the important moments and not so important ones.

  • Have your camera ready

Moments happen so fast that if you are not careful, you end up missing them. Therefore, as a photographer, your reflexes must be fast and your camera ought to be an extension of your arm. No shot should be missing from your reel all because you were to slow to press the shoot button.

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